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Shapeshifter, Trickster, God of Mischief 

Loki lives among the Aesir, but is born a Jotun. He can take on any shape he wants, and often manipulates the gods through his cunning and trickery. In the mythic present, he is often a companion to Thor, both helping and complicating his adventures. In the future, however, he will fight with the Jotuns against the Aesir in the Ragnarok.

Loki's greatest crime is in tricking one of the gods into killing Frigg and Odin's beloved son, Baldur. For this, Loki chained in the entrails of his own son and forced to lie beneath the dripping venom of a serpent. 

Family: Father of Fenrir (the Wolf), Jormungand (the World Serpent), and Hel, a daughter who rules the underworld.

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