Central Park

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All photos by Jason Mills or Jordanna Max Brodsky unless otherwise noted.

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Upper West Side, the Lake
Photo by James Brodsky, my illustrious brother. The Upper West Side as viewed from the Lake, not far from the entrance to the Indian Cave.
The Pool
Just above 100th Street, the Pool is a peaceful pond surrounded by weeping willows and frequented by great egrets, raccoons, and other wildlife. Selene and Theo pass by on their way to the waterfall.
Entrance to the Ravine
The Glen Span Arch, built in 1865, marks the entrance to the Ravine, which follows the course of the Loch waterway through the North Woods.
War of 1812 Blockhouse
The oldest building in the park, built in 1814 to defend Manhattan from possible British attack. Made of mica schist, lifted from the park itself. Currently roofless and locked, it stands at the top of a craggy hill in the North Woods.
Entrance to the Blockhouse
Look for it in Book Two of the Olympus Bound series!
Harlem Meer
Once the site of the 17th century Dutch village of Harlem, the Meer (Dutch for "lake") now hosts catch-and-release fishing and one of the prettiest spots in the north end of the park.
Huddlestone Arch
Built in 1866, the arch marks the northern entrance to the Ravine and Loch. It's an engineering marvel, built of massive granite boulders with no mortar to hold them in place.
Waterfall in the Ravine
My absolute favorite spot in the park, and the site of a memorable moment for Selene and Theo. The water is partly fed from the natural creek, Montayne's Rivulet, and partly from NYC tap water. Montayne's Fonteyn, the original natural spring, is only a few steps away.
Conservatory Garden, North Garden
On the north side of the Conservatory Garden is a French-style garden. The Three Dancing Maidens fountain by Walter Schott, also known as the Untermyer Fountain, always reminds me of nymphs at play. In the spring, it's surrounded by tulips. In the fall, mums.
Fall mums, Conservatory Garden
Conservatory Garden, South Garden
The English-style garden on the south side of the Conservatory Garden is a riot of color from spring to early fall. In it's center, the France Hodgeson Burnett Memorial Fountain by Bessie Potter Vonnoh, depicting characters from The Secret Garden.
Frances Hodgeson Burnett fountain
Pool, Conservatory Garden
Beneath the Frances Hodgeson Burnett fountain lies a small pool filled with water lilies and koi. This is where Selene procures a water lily, also known as lotus blossom.
Water Lily close-up
American Kestrel
You never know what birds you'll see in Central Park. Unknown to many, it's one of the best birding spots in the country. We have far more than pigeons!
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