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Photos & Places


Subarctic Canada, from a trip in 2018.

Norway & Iceland

Viking homelands, from trips in 2018 and 2014.

Ephesus & Sardis

Artemis's sacred cities, from a trip in 2016.


From trips in 2011 and 2016.  Athens, Brauron, Mt. Olympus, Delphi, Delos, Crete, and more.  Artemis's birthplace and home.


From trips in 2010 and 2015. The Romans adopted the Greek pantheon, giving Artemis a new home and a new name: Diana.

Rome, Pompeii, Paestum, Ostia Antica, and the Dolomites.

Central Park

In THE IMMORTALS, Artemis comes to Manhattan, where she lives as Selene DiSilva on the Upper West Side.  Here are some of her favorite places in Central Park...and mine.  

Other New York

Other locations featured in the Olympus Bound series, including Liberty Island, Governors Island, Rockefeller Center, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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