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All-Father, King of the Gods

God of Wisdom, Kingship, Poetry

Odin is the leader of the Aesir, the Norse gods who rule in Asgard. Long ago, he formed the world from the skull of the giant Ymir. He sacrificed his right eye for the right to drink from Mimir's well. The water granted him wisdom and the gift of prophecy. In the Ragnarok, he will be killed by Loki's wolf-son, Fenrir.

Attributes: Odin carries a spear and is often accompanied by two ravens and two wolves. He rides Sleipner, an eight-legged horse.

Family: Father of many, including Thor and Baldur. Husband to Frigg.

Norway Carvings-3.jpg

Dagfin Werenskiold's wood relief outside Oslo's Radhus, or City Hall.

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