Old Norse Culture

Norway & Iceland

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All photos by Jason Mills or Jordanna Max Brodsky.

Please do not reproduce wtihout permission.

Prow carvings
Closeup of the carvings on the prow of the Oseberg Viking Ship, a ninth century burial vessel now on display at Oslo's Viking Ship Museum.
Oseberg Viking Ship
Oslo's Viking Ship Museum
Oseberg animal head
One of five exquisitely carved animal heads found in the burial chamber of the Oseberg ship. On display at Oslo's Viking Ship Museum.
Viking helm
A medieval Viking helm like the one Ingharr might wear. Museum of Cultural History, Oslo, Norway.
Viking tent
A reproduction cloth tent at the Viking Festival. Lofotr Viking Museum.
Viking clothing
Reproduction Viking Age clothing at the excellent Lofotr Viking Museum, Borg, Norway.
A quick lesson in Norse spinning techniques at the Viking Festival, held on the grounds of the Lofotr Viking Museum, Norway.
Viking sword
A replica sword forged by a Czech swordsmith. On display at the Viking Festival.
Viking combat
Reenactors fighting in Viking garb at the Viking Festival.
Longboat Prow
The dragon figurehead on the prow of the Lofotr Viking Museum's replica longboat.
Longboat under sail
A small replica of a Viking longboat, part of the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg, Norway.
Viking Longhouse
Replica longhouse built right next to the site of the excavations of the largest longhouse ever discovered in Europe. Part of the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg, Norway.
Stong Farmhouse
A replica stone and turf farmhouse near Stong in Iceland.
Freydis Eriksdottir
A wax figure of Freydis in Reykjavik's Saga Museum, depicting the scene in Erik the Red's Saga, when she places a sword against her bared breast to scare off the Native Americans.
Leif Eriksson
Statue of Freydis's brother, the famous Norse explorer, outside the cathedral in Reykjavik.
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