Nunavut Nature

Iqaluit & Pangnirtung

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All photos by Jason Mills or Jordanna Max Brodsky.

Please do not reproduce wtihout permission.

Jordanna beside the Iqaluit sea ice
Sunset along the Pangnirtung Fjord.
Northern Lights, Iqaluit
In Inuktitut, the Northern Lights are aqsarniit, the spirits of the dead playing in the night sky.
Northern Lights, Iqaluit
This stripe of color ran across the bowl of the sky, reminding me of Jormungand, the Norse World Serpent.
Pangnirtung Fjord
The town of Pangnirtung sits on a fjord that provides entrance to the spectacular Auyuittuq National Park.
Pangnirtung Fjord
Old Blubber Station, Pangnirtung
Now abandoned, the Hudson Bay Company blubber station in the Pangnirtung Fjord evokes the town's whaling history.
A raven flying overhead at Sylvia Grinnell Park outside Iqaluit. No doubt looking to scavenge scraps from the sled dogs.
Seal at breathing hole
A diorama in the Unikkaarvik Visitors Centre in Iqaluit, demonstrating how seals come up through the ice to breathe, making themselves vulnerable to Inuit hunters.
Musk Ox
The head of a musk ox in the Unikkaarvik Visitors Centre in Iqaluit.
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