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God of the Forge and Fire

Stories of Hephaestus's beginnings differ.  Either he is lamed when thrown off Olympus by Zeus after taking his mother Hera's side in an argument, or he is born crippled and ugly and thrown off the mountain by Hera for his flaws. Regardless, he famously walks with a crutch and is considered the only unattractive Olympian.  He is also the creator of most of the gods' divine weapons and implements.


Roman name: Vulcan


Parents: Either he is the son of Hera alone, born parthenogenically, or the son of Zeus and Hera.


Spouse and children: Married to Aphrodite, although she is always unfaithful and they have no children together.


Epithets: The Smith, the Sooty God, He of Many Arts and Skills, Lame One.


Attributes: hammer, tongs


Vatican Museum

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