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All photos by Jason Mills or Jordanna Max Brodsky.

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Viking Longboat Replica
This replica sits in the town of Gudvangen at the end of the Naeroyfjord in Norway.
Naeroyfjord from the heights above the town of Flam in Norway.
Naeroyfjord from the heights above the town of Flam.
A rainbow over one of Norway's most spectacular waterfalls. For scale, notice tiny Jason in blue hiking through the mist.
The Trolltunga Trail
The trail to the Trolltunga is 23 km round trip, but clearly marked. We hiked up through fog banks and back down in glorious sun.
Jason on the Trolltunga as the clouds finally clear.
Arctic Cotton
Along the Trolltunga trail, arctic cotton grows around small ponds. The same plant grows in Nunavut, serving as wick material for Inuit lamps.
View from a hike in Lofoten, Norway, taken after 10 PM in July. This far north, the sunsets seem to last forever, casting the spectacular scenery in an otherworldly light.
Hiking above the Arctic Circle in Norway, the fantastical shapes of islands and mountains, surrounded by a glittering sea, make you feel like you've stepped straight into Asgard.
A hike above Reine
Reine is a small fishing village in Lofoten, Norway, above the Arctic Circle.
Jordanna in Lofoten
Fireweed grows all over the North, including in both Norway and Nunavut.
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Jordanna in Lofoten